• Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon – 100km (D+2300m/D-2200m)

    START 02:00 CET, SOPOT 15.IX.2018

Just at 2 a.m. kashubian trails will be lighten up by hundreds of daredevils who are not afraid of 100km distance. The trails of Tricity Landscape Park will show their demanding face from the very begining, so be prepared for huge effort just right from the start in Sopot. By the way: do you know that starting line is located only 2km from cosy, sandy beach? Difficult part of the route waits in front of you with numerous moraine hills and deep valleys. Locally famous Green Trail will be recognized very soon and you’re gonna like it. Or well.. you have no choice. After aproximately 30km of difficult trail you will reach first aid point located close to Decathlon store where you are allowed to refill your supplies and most probably you’ll get well deserved high five from our team for the remaining distance.

It will start to dawn. Soon, you’ll reach Radunia crossing – the river that is famous from it’s current, which was the reason behind buliding eight water plants on it almost 100 years ago! After few another kilometres of forest trail you gonna see the Łapińskie lake and  while running through more flat landscape you will leave inhabited area going deep into sorrounding woods. Soon you reach 50km and second aid point located in Skrzeszewo village where our friendly team will take care of you. While charging your batteries for second part of the race you can use your deposit that was prepared earlier.

Further kilometres of the course will bring you to one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in Kashubian region, called Jar Raduni – deep valley with rapid river on the bottom. Here, expect steep glen with technical trail interrupted with fallen trees. Pure mother nature shaped this place for ages! From this point dozen or so kilometres left to the third aid station located on the view point above the Karczemne lake in Kartuzy.

On the last part, so called Kashubian Switzerland will welcome with it’s best: numerous peaks, uphills and downhills and fabulous view spots with panoramas on sorrounding lakes. Finall peak – Wieżyca is the highest one in central and nothern Poland. From here just few kilometres down to the finish line. We will wait for you there in Wieżyca-Koszałkowo Sports Centre! Are you going to take up the challenge?