• Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 – 30km (D+950m/D-950m)

    START, 13:00 CET, Wieżyca – Koszałkowo 15.IX.2018

Have you ever run in forest or in the mountains? We have prepared both. In Kashubian style. The trails of so called Kashubian Switzerland are surprisingly demanding, so be prepared for huge effort that day. Somewhere in the middle of the distance in Brodnica Dolna village you can expect special aid point where our volunteers will support you with energetic liquids and food for the rest of the run.

This energy will be essential and you appreciate it while climbing several view spots from which you will have a chance to admire kashubian landscape – especially the view on the Ostrzyckie lake. Don’t forget and save some power: before reaching the finish line the last uphill on the Wieżyca (the highest peak on the trail) awaits you. Ready for the challenge?