• Kaszubska Poniewierka 75 (KP75) – 73,5km (D+1160m/D-1120m)

    START, 06:00 A.M. CET, Gdańsk-Otomin (Wróblówka) 19.IX.2020

If you do not like running at night and you do not want to burn your calves in the TriCity Landscape Park during first 30km, then this flatter distance is for you! We start from Wróblówka where we can pick you up by bus from Gdansk. The name of the race obliges, therefore, over the Radunia reservoir near Kolbudy and Łapino, we have prepared a course for real connoisseurs of trailrunning. After experiencing the sunrise over Otominskie Lake, you will reach almost 3km of the crossing completed in Łapino.

Next, the picturesque sections over Łapińskie Lake and the forests near Skrzeszewo awaits you. The first aid station may surprise you. We prepared a few surprises as usual.
After passing the nutritional point, you follow the KP50 course. Along the way there will be an opportunity to face the famous Jar Raduni!

The trail path leads through open landscape in the area of ​​Mezowo to again delve into the carthusian woods. Another aid station is located on the ciew spot at Karczemne Lake, from where you can admire the panorama of Kartuzy.  Quick replenishment of supplies and and here you go on course again towards kashubian picturesque villages and viewpoints near Ostrzyce.

At the end the ascent to highest peak on the route – Wieżyca awaits you. From here only the moment to the finish line left, with the moment of glory. So, are you in for wandering in kashubian style?

NOTE: The race is certified and scored by ITRA, we add 3 points to your collection!

Information at a glance:

  • + Characteristics of the route: linear course
  • + Terrain/landscape: trail 95%, woods 80%, hilly
  • + Course marking: YES, special tape on the entire distance, arrows, reflective tapes, volunteers in difficult places
  • + Technical difficulties: few sections with felled trees, sharp uphills and downhills, roots sticking out of the ground, narrow and steep paths (single tracks) on the slope just above the water surface
  • + ITRA points: 3
  • + Race pack pickup location: Gdańsk
  • + Number of aid stations: 3
    • >>>PK1 Skrzeszewo (23km)
    • >>>PK2 Kartuzy (42km)
    • >>>PK3 Brodnica Dolna (59km)
  • + Time limit / cut off times:
    • >>>PK1 Skrzeszewo (23km) – 4h
    • >>>PK2 Kartuzy (42km) – 7h
    • >>>FINISH Szymbark (74km) – 12h
  • + Deposit on the course: NO
  • + Transport of belongings from the start to the finish line: YES
  • + Organized transport of participants to the start: YES, details: >>>see race regulations<<<
  • + Organized return from the finish line to Gdańsk: YES, details: >>>see race regulations<<<
  • + Free accomodation: YES, tourist conditions at school, before start and at finish line (NOTE: reservation is needed during registration)
  • + Showers, toilets: YES
  • + Hot meal at finish line: YES (traditional or vegan <<<you decide during registration)
  • + Race Pack: will be announced later

+ Entry fee:

  • >>>Registration between 2020.03.13 and 2020.03.31 130 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.04.01 and 2020.04.30 145 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.05.01 and 2020.06.30 160 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.07.01 and 2020.07.31 185 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.08.01 and 2020.08.31 220 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.09.01 and 2020.09.10 260 PLN

+ Payment methods: If you pay in your local currency then we recommend using VISA or MasterCard via our operator BlueMedia (additional operator charge is approx. 2,5% depending on payment method selected). We obviously accept standard bank transfers as well but they have to be in PLN only (if you still want to pay via bank transfer with your local currency then we recommend using services like TransferWise in that case. Bank account details are available in race regulations)