The Latvian race Cēsis Eco Trail joined Kaszubska Poniewierka’s partner events.

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If you know us a bit already, you know that from the very beginning, Kaszubska Poniewierka has been cooperating with many events in Poland. We go on volunteering, we help and support organizers and runners, having great fun at the same time. We also receive support and help from our partners. The biggest of them is Bieg Rzeźnika, with whom we have been connected from our very beginning. But there are also others. This type of cooperation is very important to us, and not only due to collected experience, which is obviously the biggest possitive side effect of these activities.

This time we would like to introduce you to our new partner from Latvia. The Cēsis Eco Trail (CET) will take place for the sixth time in the city of Cēsis, located just 100 km from the center of the beautiful Riga, which historic Old Town has been included on the UNESCO list. Cēsis, although much smaller than the capital, also has monuments – the two most valuable are the medieval castle complex on the hill and the church of St. John built nearby. What is the most interesting for trailrunners though is the location of the city, near the Gauja National Park – the oldest and largest in Latvia. Although, the size of the park is not the most important thing here, but it’s richness of nature and landscape surely is. The heart of the park is the Gauja river with its two confluents. The banks of the rivers are characteristic cliffs, built of sandstone, and all surrounded by a pristine and wild forest full of caves.

– We don’t really have mountains here in Latvia. The highest peak is only 311 meters high – explains Vilmārs Zeme, CET Race Director. – So to make the race more interesting and challenging we use different resources like ravines, wetlands, swamps. CET will also have one large challenge stage from 8.5 to 16.5km where runners will have to run down the river Raunis. It’s not deep, but very winding and rocky. Here athletes will run for the first time as it is a protected area (part of national nature park). So, we have to follow strict rules about planning and organising the race – he adds.

This year the organizers introduced some changes and about 50-60 percent of the track will be completely new to participants. This was done in order to show the most beautiful places in the Cēsis surrounding area. This year’s edition of CET will take place on August 3rd. While registering for the race, you can select among: 82+, 51+ or shorter distances.

From Riga to Cēsis you can easily get by bus from Riga Central Bus station and using trains from Riga train station. Both are located in Riga centre not far from each other. Buses go frequently, so there is no problem with getting there.

Accommodation during the race days also does not pose any problem. The organizers suggest to check their website: Accomodation during CET.

We strongly recommend this event! Cēsis has a very beautiful old town, a large medieval castle, many small cafes and pubs. If you want to go to a less-obvious place in the summer, CET will be a great choice. As a UKP Team, we plan to take a part in this race. If you are planning a trip to CET from Poland and have some questions or you are looking for a shared journey then let us know!

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Pics: material provided by the Organizer.