Natural energy from UNiT at Kaszubska Poniewierka.

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To introduce you to our new partner, we asked a few questions to Przemek Zając, co-owner of UNiT. Here you will find out stands behind the new Polish brand of natural sports supplements and what are the goals of this venture.

Mariusz Adamczuk (UKP): Welcome among partners of Kaszubska Poniewierka! We are very happy for this cooperation 🙂 Tell us please, where did you get the idea for your start-up, as this is how do you determine the current stage of your activity on a fairly difficult market, which is sports supplementation?

Przemysław Zając (UNiT): Thank you Mariusz for finding us 🙂 It all started with the needs that began to appear among us athletes and among our friends for products free of preservatives, sweeteners and synthetic aromas. We noticed that the athletes had difficult access to finding the right supplements. So nothing complicated, we just followed the known maxim: “the need is the mother of inventions”. The current stage – as for any new venture – is difficult. Above all, it’s about building trust among athletes with an unknown brand and financing this. Work over 16 hours a day can be felt is reflected on the results in sport and health. The only chance for the fresh ideas, and this concerns not only the supplementation market, is the creation and design of high-quality products. We see great potential in this because the market is becoming more and more demanding.

MA: Trying to learn more about your products, quickly turns out that you are focusing on natural ingredients. The subject is probably not so much new though, already some time ago both professionals and amateurs began to more consciously choose sources of supplementation. Consumer awareness is slowly growing and this is reflected in the offer of various producers. Of course, it is still important to effectively meet energy needs during intensive training or competition, but nobody wants to do it at the expense of health. What characterizes your products and how do they stand out from others?

PZ: It’s just like I mentioned earlier, there is a shortage of nutrients on the market with solutions that we offer in our products and that’s what sets them apart. We spend a lot of time looking for “other” solutions for conventional products. Due to the fact that the UNiT is a start-up, the standard calculation of production costs does not apply to us. 🙂 We can afford to choose very high quality ingredients. One example is dried fruit juices in concentrates of isotonic drinks, the addition of which is from 30 to 40%. No cheating. 🙂

MA: Tell us more about your team. Where did you learn about supplementation and sport?

PZ: The subject of sport is very close to the UNiT. I have practiced several disciplines from rowing through MTB cycling to paragliding. Similarly, my partner Adrian, who can really run fast 🙂 Supplementation, hmmm… it has been developing for many years. The nature of my job duties gave me the opportunity to cooperate with many food industry producers and supplements suppliers. Today, a significant part of these companies are friends and acquaintances. I’ve been in it for many years, I understood it and I needed it as an athlete. Adrian is a pharmacist, therefore the subject is very close to him as well. He has knowledge of pharmacology, biochemistry, and is also an active athlete in MTB, marathons and duathlons. The only thing was to combine our experiences together.

MA: Apparently you are testing your products intensively by working with athletes from various disciplines, and the results of these tests are very promising. Can you reveal at what conditions the UNiT has been already checked?

PZ: Yes, we’re working with several PRO athletes who give excellent constructive critics and feedback. They can see the details that we might not pay attention to. Their starts in Country Championships and World Championships give a different picture of perceiving needs, hence it is so important for UNiT to cooperate with them in the implementation of new ideas. The proof of this is one of several situations when, after almost 4 months of work on the isotonics, we canceled the whole project and started everything from scratch. I am convinced that also in this industry you have to be an artist so that the customer receives a product with features that he/she did not pay attention to before.

One of the most rigorous tests was the 8-day expedition of Marcin and Daniel at Cape Epic to South Africa. We kept our fingers crossed for the boys, but also for ourselves 🙂 We did not know how the products work in such extreme conditions. This is one of the most unusual tests our products have undergone. We receive a lot of pictures from clients from various corners of the world to the email. They surprise us a lot!

Producer website: UNiT.

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