No more disposable plastic cups on the race. We introduce reusable cups!

Estimated reading time: 2 min.

We informed you in the race regulations that there will be no disposable plastic cups at ait stations this year. NOTE: this also applies to the 30km race! It is your responsibility to have a reusable cup with you. And you know what? We’ll give you a nice gadget in the race pack! Yes – it will be a plastic cup, but this time you won’t throw it away quickly. The result of cooperation with the Swedish company Wildo is this project of the indestructible folding cup from Kaszubska Poniewierka.

Made from BPA-free material. You can even drink hot tea or coffee on the trail. As organizers, we feel responsible for the environment. Minimizing unnecessary plastic and negative impact on the world around us is our priority. Obviously, we are not able to completely opt out of plastics, but we will gradually implement our plan of drastic reduction. We hope that other organizers will join this trend. We know this is already happening. We will inform you soon about the next steps in this direction.

You want to have such a cup? Then sign up for the race!