Protect your eyes while running with Julbo.

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Long-distance running is often associated with many hours of exposure to the sun. This, in turn, forces runners to use various protective elements, and among them sports glasses play an important role. Our new partner, a French brand and a family company, can boast of nearly 130 years of experience in the production of some of the best and most recognizable glacier glasses models on the market, and recently very strongly develops its products from the category of sport eyewear targeted for trailrunners, cyclists and sailors. Meet Julbo!

Nowadays, it is quite unusual that the company founded in 1888 in the French Alps still maintains 100% of capital in the hands of the family of the founder, Jules Baud. This is the case with Julbo though, which from the very beginning of their activity has focused on developing their own production technology, which is why they are now known all over the world.

The history of Julbo products began with the first model of glasses called Cristalliers, which were created at the request of Chamonix crystal hunters wanting to protect their eyes in the mountains. And this was a clear marking the start of Julbo’s optical sun protection story.

The next milestone in the brand’s history was the introduction of Vermont glacier sunglasses in the 1950s. In times of increased interest in expeditions into the high mountains, it was a real revolution, because from that moment you could climb to the highest peaks without worrying about your eyes. Not only rock climbers got interested in Vermont … but also rock stars. It soon turned out that they they soon became a collector’s item.

From the very beginning, Julbo has put on cooperation with the best athletes and technical advisors. In the 1970s, they introduced glasses models with the names Everest, Makalu and Annapurna. However, what is worth emphasizing is the fact that each of them has been tested by the company’s chief technician, Yannicka Seigneur, under the conditions prevailing at these extreme heights. So, we can say that Julbo’s sunglasses also climbed the highest mountains. In the 1980s, the company actively joined the race of mountain conquerors. Co-operating with Julbo Éric Escofia, climbed three eight-thousanders in the Himalayas in less than three weeks, and climber Patrick Gabarrou was famous for his little ride on the 7 north faces climbed in three days in the Mont Blanc massif. The team was also joined by Christoph Lafaille, considered one of the most outstanding French climbers.

After strengthening its position in the expedition glasses segment, Julbo began to expand its offer in other segments. When 1998 joined the team Franck Cammas (one of the most talented French sailors), the company introduced the Nautic line. In this decade, there is also a range of products from the Baby series, offering excellent protection for children’s delicate eyes.

After the year 2000, when we deal with the massive multisports times, Julbo quickly meets the expectations of the market. The offer includes eyewear dedicated, among others, to trailrunners and mountain runners. Julbo creates his pro sports team, where among the mountaineers, skiers and cyclists are also great runners from the ultra-trail world. The company focuses on multi-functionality and the RX Trem program, awarded the Silmo Gold prize, plays a huge role in the revolutionizing the world of sunglasses.

For 125 years, Julbo never ceases to amaze with their ideas. The brand launches new series and new products, but always with the same authentic sport passion, love for adventure and freedom.

We are extremely happy that as organizers of the sport event we can become a tiny part of this rich history.

The distributor of the Julbo brand in Poland is Himalsport.