1.1. Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon and Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run are voluntary, individual long-distance cross-country runs in a hilly terrain.

1.2. The following definitions are adopted in this document:

1.2.1 Run – collectively understood: Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon and Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run, hereinafter also collectively referred to as the Event,

1.2.2 Participant – an adult voluntarily and consciously participating in the Run and accepting its Terms and Conditions,

1.2.3 Organizer – “Aktywni w Trójmieście” association, based in Gdańsk.

1.2. 4 Terms and Conditions – rules and arrangements set forth by the Organizer, applicable during the Run and determining the means and conditions of applying for participation in the Run, carrying out of the run and evaluation of the sports results.


2.1 Promotion of the Kashubia and Pomerania region in Poland and abroad,

2.2 Selecting the best participants of demanding mountain runs,

2.3 Promotion of healthy life styles,

2.4 Promotion of running as a form of active tourism,

2.5 Ecological education, raising awareness on environmental matters.


3.1 The Run is organized by the “Aktywni w Trójmieście” association, based in Gdańsk

3.2 E-mail address:


4.1 During the event, Participants will compete on two distances:

Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon: 100km (D+2300m/D-2200m)

Kaszubska Poniewierka 30: 30km (D+650m/D-650m)

4.2 The route for both distances will lead mostly along forest paths and dirt roads with short paved sections.

4.3 The route of both distances will be marked with tape. In critical places, the Organizer might additionally use markings in the form of arrows or lights.

4.4 There will be 3 refreshment points on the route of Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon, including one transition area:

31km Gdańsk, Decathlon Kartuska (refreshment point)

48km Skrzeszewo, common room (refreshment point + transition Area)

70km Kartuzy, Assesor’s bench (refreshment point)

4.5 There will be one refreshment point on the route of Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run, located in Brodnica Dolna, ca. 15km.

4.6 Finishers of the Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon 100km run gain 4 qualification points for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® run (2 points in the legacy classification). Additionally, the Participant receives 1 qualification point for the Bieg Granią Tatr 2017 run.


5.1 Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon will start in Sopot on September 16, 2017 at 2:00 AM at the base of Łysa Góra, address: Herberta 9.

5.2 Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run will start on September 16, 2017 at 1:00 PM at Centrum Aktywnego Wypoczynku Wieżyca-Koszałkowo.

5.3 The finishing line and the race headquarters for both runs will be located at Centrum Aktywnego Wypoczynku Wieżyca-Koszałkowo.

5.4 The race headquarters for both runs will be located at Centrum Aktywnego Wypoczynku Wieżyca-Koszałkowo.

5.5 The Organizer provides starter packs at the starting point (of each run) on the day of the run, in accordance with point 5.6, and on September 13 at the starter pack receiving point, the location of which will be announced in a start message not later than 2 weeks before the planned date of the race.

5.6 The organizer will provide starter packs:

for the Participants of Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon at the race headquarters in Sopot, next to Klakier restaurant, at Herberta 9 on September 15, from 5 PM to 9 PM.

for the Participants of Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run at the race headquarters at Centrum Aktywnego Wypoczynku Wieżyca-Koszałkowo on September 16, from 9 AM to 12 PM.

5.7 In order to verify the Participant’s identity, Participants will be asked to present a personal ID or another identification document.


6.1 There are following time limits on Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon:

31km (Decathlon Kartuska) –5h (leave the point no later than 7:00 AM)

52km (Skrzeszewo) –8h (leave the point no later than 10:00 AM)

70km (Kartuzy) –11h (leave the point no later than 1:00 PM)

100km (Wieżyca-Koszałkowo) 16h – (the finishing line closes at 6:00 PM)

6.2 The Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run has a time limit of 5h (the finishing line closes at 6:00 PM)


7.1 The Participants of Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon are entitled to deposit their belongings, which will be available on the finishing line and at the transition point (limit of 5kg). The Organizer also provides the opportunity to transport Participant’s belongings from the start point to the finishing line in Wieżyca-Koszałkowo.


8.1 Applications are accepted from March 1, 2017 via a form available on website until a limit of participants is reached.

8.2 Upon registration, Participant’s data will be published on the applicant’s list. By applying, the Participant gives his consent to such publication. Additionally, after registration the Participant is obliged to pay an entry fee in the amount stated in the registration form.

8.3 The organizer does not refund the entry fee to persons, who do not complete the run or do not take part in the event. Additionally, in such cases the Organizer does not transfer the fee for next/other races.

8.4 It is possible to transfer the registration fee to another Participant until September 15 2017, but a processing fee of 25 PLN is charged and shall be paid directly to the Organizer’s bank account. After this date, no further changes are possible. Such change must be performed personally between the interested parties and confirmed by them to the Organizer.

8.5 Shortening or any other change of the route or race, as well as the cancellation of the race (in part or as a whole) after it has started, does not provide grounds for refund of the registration fee.

8.6 In the event of cancellation of the Run (in part or as a whole) by the Organizer before the start the Participants are entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

8.7 The registration fee can be paid via Dotpay platform linked to the registration form or in cash at the race headquarters, or other location indicated by the Organizer before the Run.

8.8 The Organizer is not responsible for the duration of payment execution; the date of payment receipt by the Organizer is binding.

8.9 The Organizer set the following Participant limits:

300 for the distance of 100km (including 20 at the Organizer’s disposal)

450 for the distance of 30km (including 20 at the Organizer’s disposal)

8.10 Fees:

Registration between 2017.03.01 and 2017.04.30

100km 120.00 PLN

30km 60.00 PLN

Registration between 2017.05.01 and 2017.07.31

100km 150.00 PLN

30km 75.00 PLN

Registration between 2017.08.01 and 2017.09.14

100km 200.00 PLN

30km 100.00 PLN

Registration between 2017.09.15-2016.09.16 – in this case the fee can only be paid at the race headquarters or another location indicated by the Organizer before the Run (provided that the limit of participants has not been reached).

100km 250.00 PLN

30km 130.00 PLN

In case of registration on site, the Organizer does not guarantee all services in the package.


9.1 Participation in the race is voluntary.

9.2 Each Participant takes part in the race on his/her own responsibility. Only persons in appropriate health condition for such activities as the Run, can take part in the event. Each Participant evaluates his own health condition individually.

9.3 Each Participant of the Run should be 18 years of age on the date of start.

9.4 The participant acknowledges and accepts the fact that participation in the Run is associated with higher than usual physical effort and carries a natural risk associated with sports, risk of accidents, also resulting from the fact that the route of the Run mainly leads through forests, as well as risk of physical injuries, including death.

9.5 Before participation, each Participant personally submits to the Organizer a written statement on lack of health contradictions to take part in the race with a confirmation of starting on Participant’s own responsibility. The statement follows a template prepared by the Organizer, available on Participant’s request by e-mail or at the race headquarters. Submitting this statement is required to take part in the race – the Organizer can refuse participation in the race if the participant fails to submit this statement.

9.6 By registering for participation in the Run, the Participant declares that he/she renounces all claims related to compensation from the Organizer in case of injury or claims resulting from any other grounds associated with participation in the Run.

9.7 All Participants are obliged to comply with the rules set forth by the Organizer and absolutely follow the commands of the Organizer and persons designated by the Organizer.

9.8 During a compulsory briefing for Participants of Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon before the start, the Participants will be informed about particular dangers on the route.

9.9 The Organizer will issue a short message for the Participants of the Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 run just before start, informing briefly about the conditions on the route.

9.10 By registering to the Run, each Participant gives consent to publish his/her image, personal data and sport results without compensation, also in reports from the Run published in media, as well as in commercials, promotional materials of the Organizer, partners, media patrons and sponsors – including websites and social media.

9.11 The Organizer allows participation with a dog, provided that the owner uses a harness (because of wild animals in the forest, road safety aspects, etc.) and takes special care so that the dog causes no threat to the Participants of the Run.

9.12 Participants need to fulfil the following conditions:

Fill in the registration form from the run registration website or sign up personally at the race headquarters or another location designated by the Organizer (in case of registration before the start – is places are still available). The registration expires if the registration fee has not been paid within the date set in the Terms and Conditions.

Pay the registration fee as set in the Terms and Conditions before the start, observing the deadline set in the Terms and Conditions. The registration fee payment confirmation shall be kept and presented during registration at the race headquarters.

Legibly sign the Statement before the start.

Upon arrival at the starting point, go to the race headquarters to confirm the start (personally with an ID).

9.13 Assignment of a starting number is a confirmation of participation.

9.14 The Participants of the race insure themselves independently, especially for accident insurance.


10.1 Each Participant is obliged to move by himself and carry all baggage needed for the Run independently, without using any means of transport of help of others.

10.2 Participants of the Run can use refreshment points provided by the Organizer.

10.3 Participants can independently and at their own expense buy products in shops located on the route of the Run.

10.4 The location of refreshment points together with an indication of products available for the Participants will be specified in a detailed route description.

10.5 Absolutely and at all times, the Participants of both runs are obliged to carry the following with themselves:

a charged mobile phone which enables phone connections, the phone number associated with the phone shall be provided to the Organizer before the start of the Run,

personal ID or passport,

a chip for time measurement provided in the starter pack,

a starting number attached in a visible place at the front,

Additionally, the Participants of Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon are obliged to carry:

a light emitting device (flashlight/headlamp),

a reusable cup (the Organizer does not provide plastic cups at refreshment points)

a map of the route of the run provided in the starter pack.

10.6 Apart from the required equipment the Organizer recommends to have:

a safety blanket,

a backpack/hip bag,

water containers/bottles with a total volume of min. 1 litre,

clothing appropriate for the weather conditions,

ca. 20 PLN in cash in case of an emergency need to purchase something in a shop on the route of the Run.

10.6 It is strictly forbidden to burn fires on the whole route of the Run, particularly in the forest and its vicinity.

10.7 Camping (an organized rest) if forbidden on the whole route of the race. Camping is only allowed in places designated by the Organizer (refreshment points). Camping on private territory next to the route of the Run is done solely under responsibility of the Participant.

10.8 On the whole route of the Run, it is strictly forbidden to enter areas of agricultural crops, forest nurseries and private properties, unless a clearly marked route passes through such areas.

10.9 On the whole route of the Run, rules of moving on roads in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act as of 20 June 1997 (Journal of Laws 2012.1137) shall be observed. The Participant is obliged to the utmost caution when crossing roads where cars are allowed, or running along such road.

10.10 On the route of the Run, especially in forest areas, general rules of nature protection shall be observed. In particular, it is forbidden to leave any items on the route (all trash shall be taken along or left in the control points) and disturb the silence. In case of breach of provisions set forth in this point, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the Participant.

10.11 Telephone numbers (emergency numbers and the phone number to the Organizer) will be provided on the starting number.

10.12 In case of a dangerous event or situation during the race and lack of cellular reception to contact the Organizer or relevant services, the Participant is obliged to use other means in order to call for help. Each Participant is obliged to promptly inform the Organizer about such an event.

10.13 Every Participant is obliged to help other Participants in case of accidents. Failure to help another Participant results in absolute disqualification.

10.14 Referees will be present along the route of the run to check if Participants crossed a particular point on the route.

10.15 Participant’s starting number shall be attached in a visible place throughout the whole Run in order to be visible for the referees.

10.16 Refreshment points will be open from the start of the Run until no Participants are present before that point, and fifteen minutes after the last Participant leaves the refreshment point, but no longer than the time limit set for the point preceeding this refreshement point.

10.17 Taking into account the safety of Participants, as well as the estimated time required for them to reach the finish line in order to meet the time limit for the Run, time limits apply also to refreshment points. Participants that exceed the limit set for a certain refreshment point automatically end their participation in the race. Every Participant that exceeded the time limit has to hand back the starting number to the staff at the point and leave the route at the refreshment point. Once the time limit is reached for a certain point, the point is closed.

10.18 Each participant is absolutely obliged to inform the Organizer about resigning from the race. The information can be provided by telephone or SMS to the contact number given by the Organizer.

10.19 If the Participant fails to inform the Organizer about his/her resignation and leaving the race, the Participant will be charged with the cost of rescue action carried out by the race security services designated by the Organizer, and is obliged to compensate for the damages of the Organizer and third parties.

10.20 The medical staff is authorized to exclude a Participant from the Run. Such decision is final.

10.21 During the race, participants are allowed to use gels, bars and other nutrients that have been clearly and permanently marked (e.g. with a marker) with the Participant’s starting number. The Participant agrees to present such products upon the Organizer’s request (or the request of its representative).


11.1 The Run will take place regardless of the weather conditions.

11.2 The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Run in case of atmospheric or weather conditions that pose a threat to the life, health or safety of the Participants.


12.1 The Organizer provides the following to every Participant:

A possibility to start in the race and maintenance of the route ,

Referee services,

Electronic time measurement on the finish line,

A map of the route of the Run and a detailed description, that will be provided to the Participant in the starter pack,

medical assistance (during the race),

A starting number which needs to be attached in a visible place in the front for safety and control during the race,

A medal that confirms completing the race for Participants that complete the run within the set time limit,

drinks and light snacks at refreshment points (a detailed list of products available at refreshment points will be published minimum 2 weeks before the planned date of the race),

prizes for at least 3 best participant on each distance,

photographic coverage of the race,

other provisions depending on the financial situation of the Organizer.

12.2 If the payment of the registration fee for the Run is made later than 31.08.2016 the Organizer does not guarantee a full starter pack.


13.1 The registration fee includes a possibility to sleep at the gym hall (in tourist conditions) next to the finish line of the race at Zespół Kształcenia i Wychowania in Szymbark, ul. Szkolna 1.The Participants are required to leave the place of accommodation at 12:00 PM on 17.09.2017 the latest. Due to a limited number of places, the Participant needs to fill in relevant information in the form and inform the Organizer in case of resignation from the accommodation,

13.2 The Organizer does not provide accommodation on the start of the Ultramarathon.


14.1 The provisions above determine how the Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon and Kaszubska Poniewierka 30 runs should be carried out.

14.2 The Terms and Conditions apply to all persons and institutions related to the Run, including the Organizer and the Participants.

14.4 The provisions in the Terms and Conditions are subject to change and the changes shall be published on the official website of the race. Information about changes in the provisions of Terms and Conditions will also be announced on the Facebook page of the Run and will be binding for the Participants. In case of lack of acceptance of such change, the Participant is can refuse within 5 days from the introduction of such change by providing the Organizer with a written statement on lack of acceptance of such a a change.

14.5 Registration to the Run means a consent to process personal data of the Participant for purposes related to the execution of the Run, in particular the registration, preparation of the starter packs, providing results and information about the Run in social media.

14.6 Cases not included in the Terms and Conditions are resolved by the Organizer.

14.7 Breaching of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions may lead to the disqualification of the Participant.