The return of the iconic Kubota slippers to Kashubia.

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We often wonder what footwear to run this or that ultramaraton distance. We carefully select shoes for the ground, weather conditions or route profile. However, running ultra is not only a race itself, but also what happens before and immediately after it. Relax, regeneration, warm shower, rest for the feet. Here, the iconic pair of flip-flops will help you. The Kubota Polish brand returns to Poniewierka!

How did it all start? Year 1994. Edyta Górniak (Polish popstar) on the Eurovision takes the second place. On TV you can watch the first episodes of Śmiechu warte (Poland’s Funniest Home Videos), Familiada (Polish version of Family Feud) or The Bold and the Beautiful. Michael Schumacher wins his first F1 championship. The movies include the Lion King and Pulp Fiction, and the first PlayStation console appears on the market. In this crazy and strange year, there is one more event – millions of Poles will fall in love with Kubotas forever.

Kubota’s first foam flip-flops came to Poland from distant China. 20-year-old Dorota and Wiesław, the founders of the company, brought them in large bags, traveling thousands of kilometers by Trans-Siberian Railway through the vast steppes of Mongolia and the fallen USSR. Over the next few years, millions of Poles went crazy about the cheap and comfortable Kubota slippers. The economic and social changes that took place in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century led to a reduction in the sales of Kubota flip-flops.

The year 2018. Reactivation. Four friends from Łódź (city located in central Poland) reactivated the Kubota brand. Then, together with Dorota and Wiesław and their sons, they began to write a new chapter of this extremely vivid story.

2019. 25 years of the brand. Due to the celebrations of Kubota’s 25th anniversary, 2019 is unique for the brand. The offer includes iconic Kubota Rzep flaps, soon there will also be Kubota Basic pool slippers and a sensation on the European scale, personalized, Kubota Custom pool slippers. The offer will also come with clothing.

For 25 years, Kubota, like Poland, has undergone tremendous changes – once associated with the cheapest, often the only slippers available on the market, today it has a chance to become a synonym of quality made in Poland.

Running Kaszubska Poniewierka creates great opprtunity t to win one of the iconic pairs of Kubota Rzep slippers! You can purchase your own pair from on-line store as well.

Producer’s website and on-line store: Kubota Wear.