• Kaszubska Poniewierka Ultramarathon – 100km (D+2790m/D-2660m)

    START, 02:00 A.M. CET, SOPOT 19.IX.2020

At 2 A.M. in the night, the kashubian trails will light up hundreds of daredevils headlamps, who are not afraid of 100km distance. The trails of Tricity Landscape Park will show their demanding face from the very begining, so be ready for a lot of sharp pushing from the start in Sopot, located just 2 kilometers from the sandy, cosy beach. You have a difficult part of the route with numerous moraine hills and deep valleys. Locally famous “Green Trail” you will recognize straight away and you will have to make friends with it quickly. Well… seems you have no choice 🙂 After approximately 30 km of sharp crossing you will get to the first aid station near Wróblówka, where you will refill your supplies and get power hi five for further journey.

It will start to dawn. Soon you will reach the crossing through Radunia river famous for its current. It is not without reason that as many as 8 hydroelectric power stations have been built on it almost 100 years ago! After a further kilometers of the forest trail, you will come to the vicinity of Łapińskie Lake and continue to travel further, flatter kilometers, away from the human settlements, delving into the surrounding woods. Soon, a second aid station will appear on the road in Skrzeszewo, where our friendly team will take care of you. While charging the batteries for the second half of the race, you will be able to use the previously prepared deposit.

The next kilometers of the course will lead you to the vicinity of one of the most beautiful and wild places in Kashubia called Radunia Canyon Reserve. Expect a spectacular gorge with a difficult, technical path littered with fallen trees. Pure mother nature was shaping this place for ages! From here, a dozen or so kilometers to the third aid station at Karczemne Lake from where you can admire the panorama of Kartuzy.

In the last part, so called Kashubian Switzerland will welcome you with what has the best, that is, its hills with numerous ascents and downhills as well as viewpoints, from where fantastic panoramas extend to the surrounding lakes. On the course, you will find the highest elevation of the Polish Lowland – Wieżyca (329 m above sea level). From here just few kilometres down to the finish line. We are waiting for you in Szymbark! Will you take the challenge?

The race is certified and scored by ITRA, we add 4 points to your collection, unless you are fast enough to win 5 for HARD 🙂

Information at a glance:

  • + Characteristics of the route: linear course
  • + Terrain/landscape: trail 95%, woods 80%, hilly
  • + Course marking: YES, special tape on the entire distance, arrows, reflective tapes, volunteers in difficult places
  • + Technical difficulties: in the initial phase night run in demanding terrain, few sections with felled trees, sharp uphills and downhills, roots sticking out of the ground, narrow and steep paths (single tracks) on the slope just above the water surface
  • + ITRA points: 4 or 5 (for HARD)
  • + Race pack pickup location: Gdańsk
  • + Number of aid stations: 4 or 6 (for HARD)
    • >>>PK1 Wróblówka (28km)
    • >>>PK2 Skrzeszewo (51km)
    • >>>PK3 Kartuzy (70km)
    • >>>PK4 Brodnica Dolna (87km)
    • >>>PK5 Szymbark (100km) (for HARD)
    • >>>PK6 Brodnica Dolna (117km) (for HARD)
  • + Time limit / cut off times:
    • >>>PK1 Wróblówka (28km) – 4h 30min
    • >>>PK2 Skrzeszewo (51km) – 8h
    • >>>PK3 Kartuzy (70km) – 11h
    • >>>FINISH Szymbark (100km) – 16h or 12h (for HARD)
    • >>>FINISH Szymbark (130km) – 16h (for HARD)
  • + Deposit on the course: YES, at PK2 Skrzeszewo (51km)
  • + Transport of belongings from the start to the finish line: YES
  • + Organized transport of participants to the start: YES, details: >>>see race regulations<<<
  • + Organized return from the finish line to the start: YES, details: >>>see race regulations<<<
  • + Free accomodation: YES, tourist conditions at school, before start and at finish line (NOTE: reservation is needed during registration)
  • + Showers, toilets: YES
  • + Hot meal at finish line: YES (traditional or vegan <<<you decide during registration)
  • + Race Pack: will be announced later

+ Entry fee:

  • >>>Registration between 2020.03.13 and 2020.03.31 160 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.04.01 and 2020.04.30 175 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.05.01 and 2020.06.30 190 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.07.01 and 2020.07.31 215 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.08.01 and 2020.08.31 250 PLN
  • >>>Registration between 2020.09.01 and 2020.09.10 290 PLN

+ Payment methods: If you pay in your local currency then we recommend using VISA or MasterCard via our operator BlueMedia (additional operator charge is approx. 2,5% depending on payment method selected). We obviously accept standard bank transfers as well but they have to be in PLN only (if you still want to pay via bank transfer with your local currency then we recommend using services like TransferWise in that case. Bank account details are available in race regulations).